Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Surviving A Book Convention: Tips & Tricks

How To Survive YALC 2016!

I have attended YALC for the last two years and am so excited to be attending again this year. For anyone who doesn't know, and has clearly been living under a rock, YALC is the UKs first ever YA literary convention. AND IT WAS AWESOME! I love every single second of it, despite the sweating and the queuing and how my money disappears from my account quicker than I can blink. It's an amazing day, but I learnt a lot after my first year there and definitely did things differently on the second year. So I am here to share my tips with you guys!

1. Be Prepared For Endless Queuing 

No one likes queuing, it's just a known fact. So you need to know that you will spend a lot of your day queuing. You will queue for EVERYTHING! You will queue for a long time to get in, then you'll queue to get tickers to events, then queue to get your books signed. Not to mention that you will queue for the toilet and for food too, where you will be charged an extortionate amount. So make sure you either have someone with you to keep you entertained, or bring something with you to keep you entertained whilst you queue. And maybe learn to sit randomly on the floor like a weirdo, because otherwise your legs will ache like crazy by the end of the day.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016

These Books Need Way More Love On Goodreads

It's time for Top Ten Tuesday and this weeks topic is:

Best Books With Less Than 2,000 Ratings on Goodreads

This weeks topic means that we get to talk about books that are completely underrated on Goodreads. Those books that deserve so much more love than they are currently getting. Less than 2,000 ratings is a tiny amount of ratings. The Hunger Games currently has 4,274,543 ratings on Goodreads. Harry Potter has 3,977,522. Even Fifty Shades has 1,336,175 ratings. And I will always say that any book should have more ratings than that book. So here are some of the books I have enjoyed over the years that have so few ratings on Goodreads, but deserve more. I'm going to order them from least to highest rated.

This book is the third book in Jenny's Ladybirds series and it was my favourite of the series so far. The characters have grown up a lot and this feels a lot more YA than the last two books. I loved the beautiful island setting. I adored the characters and the cutesy romance storyline. It was just the perfect summer read.

Love Song

I wasn't very sure of this book when it was sent to me for review. A young adult novel featuring a young girl going to work for a boy band?!? I just wasn't sold on that and thought this was going to be a horribly cheesy book, with zero substance to it. I was totally wrong and felt bad for judging it so quickly. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and thought it was a fun read, and made me want to try more from the author.

Second Chances

This was a book I picked up on a whim whilst strict ordering at work in one of the libraries I worked at. I just browsed the books whilst tidying and read the back of this and was intrigued. It is a murder mystery thriller and one that I ended up really enjoying. It was quite dark and twisted, as a woman seeks revenge on the man she believes murdered her sister. This book is perfect for fans of Jodi Picoult, Diane Chamberlain or those looking for an adult Dangerous Girls.

Gemina: The Illuminae Files: Book 2

This is totally cheating as the book isn't officially out yet, which is why it has so few ratings. I DON'T CARE! I am still putting it here just so I can once again tell you that this book is INCREDIBLE! If you haven't started this series yet, you need to. Go, read Illuminae and then prepare for one of the best sequels ever.

The Leaving

I really loved this book. I thought it was really great, even though you finish not really knowing what genre you should even put this book in. I found this book so addictive though, I could not put it down. The writing just completely sucked me in and I ended up finishing this book in one sitting. It follows five teenagers who return home, having gone missing eleven years before. No one knows where they have been or what happened to them. And, most importantly, no one knows what happened to the sixth child who went missing with them and never returned. I really loved this book and the mystery element of it. It was definitely weird, but I really enjoyed that about it. 

I Hate Fairyland, Vol. 1: Madly Ever After

I have been reading a lot of graphic novels recently, thanks to trying and falling completely in love with Saga. I Hate Fairyland is one of my favourites so far, it was hilarious and so dark. Our main character is a woman who has been stuck in Fairyland for 34 years, and she is still stuck in her 6 year old body that she came to Fairyland in. She needs to find a key to leave, and has not been able to find it in the 34 years she has been there. By this point she is basically mad, killing anyone and everyone and doing it all whilst being sarcastically funny and hilarious as anything. I loved it. 

In a Handful of Dust (Not a Drop to Drink, #2)

This is the sequel to the incredible Not a Drop to Drink, and this is a book that definitely deserves to be read more. I know your heart might have been torn out and stamped on at the end of Not a Drop to Drink, so was mine. But the sequel is so worth reading, even if it is just for more of Mindy McGinnis's incredible writing. 
Demon Road (The Demon Road Trilogy, Book 1)
Demon Road by Derek Landy  - 1,697 Ratings

Demon Road by Derek Landy is absolutely perfect for anyone who loves the show Supernatural. That is my favourite show, so of course I loved this book. It is a YA supernatural read and it is awesome. The characters are hilarious and the storyline can be quite dark. I can't wait to devour the sequel when I get a moment. 

Every Breath (Every, #1)

I LOVED this book! It is an Australian, YA retelling of Sherlock Holmes and it is epic. I ship the two main characters like nobody's business. Please, do not be put off by the ugly covers, these books are deserving of your time. I own the two other books in the series and plan to read them asap.

So there you have all the books I have read and enjoyed that have less than 2,000 ratings on Goodreads. They all deserved to have way more than that! Which underrated book do you love?

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

The Best 2016 Releases Of The Year So Far

It's time for Top Ten Tuesday and this weeks topic is:

My Top 2016 Reads of the Year So Far

I love looking back on the year so far at all the amazing books I have read. Some of my absolute favourites don't even make this list because they aren't 2016 releases. There have been some really wonderful 2016 releases, and so many more due to come out at the end of the year. Here are my favourite ten of the year so far.

Gemina by Jay Kristoff & Amie Kaufman

This book was so fucking good, I can't even describe it. I absolutely loved Illuminae, and I didn't see how they could top it or even come close. But they exceeded every single one of my expectations. I loved getting to know our new characters. I thought the action, suspense and twists and turns were all superb, I couldn't bring myself to put this book down. If you enjoyed the first book then you will LOVE Gemina, this is definitely my top read of the year and I am not sure how any other book could top it.

I will admit to being super nervous to read this book. When I first read ACOTAR, I had absolutely loved it and was really nervous that she would ruin it with this second book. I honestly had nothing to worry about, Maas has given me one of my top reads of the year, possible one of my favourite books of all time. I just loved everything about this book, from the character devlopment, to the action, to the romance. It was all so good! I especially loved that we had a young adult/new adult book that finally showed that controlling relationships aren't romantic! I am fed up of books where the guy gets to control everything the girl does and then say it is because they love her, and know what's best. Thank you, Maas, for not doing that! REVIEW

sad crying the office cry thank you
My feelings towards Maas on finally seeing an abusive bastard being called out!

Morning Star by Pierce Brown

If I was nervous about reading A Court of Mist and Fury then I was basically shitting myself when it came to this book. I know what Pierce Brown is capable of, I wasn't going to give him the benefit of the doubt. I knew he could quite happily kill all his characters, probably laughing like a maniac as he does it. And I was petrified, these are characters I have come to love and I wanted my precious babies to make it out of this alive. Pierce Brown delivered a final book that was action-packed, shocking, heartbreaking, and also completely satisfying. I finished this book and wanted to hug it, it was that good! REVIEW

disney model finish emperors new groove kuzco

This one is so hard for me because it broke my heart into a million tiny pieces. It has been a few months and I am still not over it. Seriously, this book crushed all my feels, stomped on them and then set them on fire. But I still loved it. There was action, there was heartbreak, and there was also utterly adorable, squishy romance which gave me life. Overall I absolutely loved this, despite the mess of a human being it reduced me to. Seriously, after reading this I both loved and hated Sally Green. Ultimately, I felt this was a glorious end to the series and I felt Sally Green knew how she wanted this series to end, and didn't let fan opinion sway her. REVIEW

Whenever I even think about Half Lost:
tv girl crying new winston

I loved this book, although I have loved all of Lord's books so far and should have known she wouldn't let me down. This one is a contemporary, that deals with grief and mental illness. I felt it handled both of those beautifully. I think I also just really connected to this book because of my own experiences with both those things. I thought the characters were funny, but complex and that the topics were handled so well. I just loved this book so much, it was just one of those books I instantly connected to, one of those books that just seems to speak to you personally. Absolutely loved this! REVIEW

I didn't know what to expect from this book, I know I wasn't expecting to love it as much as I did. This book centers around five teenagers who return home, after going missing eleven years before. Six of them went missing, but only five of them return. And none of them can remember where they were or what happened to them. The mystery element to this just really sucked me in and I was interested to see where it was going, as I knew the explanation would not be simple. I think I loved this one so much because I just adored the writing so much. Tara Altebrando really knows how to grip her readers, and I will definitely be reading whatever she writes next. 

wtf what shocked confused what is happening

This was such a brilliant end to the series! I love this series, mostly because I adore Arin and Kestrel as characters, and ship those too so hard. This book was one where I couldn't guess what was going to happen, I wasn't sure what to expect. I loved watching Kestrel and Arin having to fight. Kestrel isn't good with the physical element of fighting, she's a strategist and I love that side to her. This book was such a satisfying end to one of my favourite series. 

Imperial Russia fascinates the crap out of me, and I completely blame that on the children's film Anastasia. Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing that movie is... Okay, moving on. This is set in an alternate Imperial Russia where there is magic... like that Anastasia film. I was sold straight away. I don't care what this is about, give it to me now!!!! And I wasn't disappointed. It wasn't a 5/5 read for me, or exactly what I was expecting, but I thoroughly enjoyed it. I loved the beautiful descriptions of Russia, and especially loved the mouthwatering descriptions of food. The ending is the kind that has you desperate for the next book, so I know this is a series I will continue. 

animation disney anastasia fox century anastasia movie

I haven't quite hit ten, but that is because some of my top reads of this year aren't 2016 releases, so they don't get to be included on this list. But the above books are all ones I have read this year and loved.

What has been your top read of the year so far? Which book are you most anticipating this Autumn/Winter 2016?

Monday, 20 June 2016

Series: Is The Final Destination What Really Matters?

lets do this reactions liz lemon its onLet's do this! It's time for a discussion. I hope. Or more likely just me spewing my thoughts out into the interwebs, as I often do. So a question I have asked before on this blog is this: When it comes to series is it the final destination what matters most, or the journey to get there? So, what I really mean is, does the end of a series matter more than anything that precedes it. Does the ending make or break the series? If a series has been nothing but phenomenal up until the final book, do you then disregard the rest of the series because you weren't satisfied with how it ended? This questions comes back to me constantly because sometimes, the end of a series truly ruins something I once loved.

Saturday, 18 June 2016

Weekly Recap: I'm Gonna Be In The Room Where It Happens!

Hello, beautiful people of the internet! It has been a little while since I last posted. What can I say, I am a terrible blogger at times. I don't even have the excuse that I have been super busy, I haven't. I've just had my usual work and then I have spent most of my time reading or taking photos for Instagram (my instagram addiction is real!). I have had a good few weeks though as I have got some amazing events coming up and finally got the news I have been waiting months to hear.

I am OBSESSED with Hamilton, have been for months. If I had an endless supply of cash then I would buy tickets and fly to New York to watch it. But I don't, so I can't. But it was finally officially announced that Hamilton is coming to London in October 2017! And I am freaking the fuck out!!! I will be getting tickets, no matter how much they cost and I will be seeing it. Probably multiple times if I can! Tickets go on sale November this year and I am already signed up for priority booking. I'm gonna be in the room where it happens!